Rummy is the name for a family of card games of different variations that have similar rules and gameplay. The aim of these games is to match groups playing cards of either the same number or suit. One of the variants of Rummy is Gin Rummy, which was invented in 1909 as a 2 player card game which was meant to be a faster game than the standard version of rummy. It was once a very popular card game to play but has since faded somewhat into the background while poker and other card table games have taken the spotlight. Versions of rummy as a casino game are not, however, extinct, and many online casinos offer a more modern form of the game called Vegas three card rummy.

Vegas three card rummy is played using one deck of cards. Every card in the deck has a point value, with the lowest card being an ace, which is worth one point and the highest card being the Jack, Queen and King, each worth 10 points. In rummy, unlike in certain other card games, the objective of the game is to have the cards with the least number of points in your hand. Before each hand is dealt, the player must make an ante bet. Then the cards are dealt with the player being able to see his cards while the dealer’s cards are facedown. This means that the player can tell how many points he has in his hand. Depending on this point value the player can either raise his ante bet or fold. Once the player raises his bet, the dealer’s hand is revealed to determine who wins the round.

iPad Vegas Three Card Rummy

Vegas three card rummy has been available at online casinos for a number of years like baccarat mentioned here, however, with the increasing popularity of the iPad, it made sense that the casino game software companies would want to introduce high quality games that are accessible for play from an iPad. One of these such games that was introduced is the iPad Vegas three card rummy.

Both online casinos as well as mobile casinos offer this game to iPad users, either through their safari web browsers or through downloading an app specifically designed for the iPad. iPad Vegas three card rummy is a high quality game that offers excellent graphics, exciting gameplay the chance to win big. Once players have registered at an online casino that offers iPad Vegas three card rummy, they will often be given a welcome bonus as well as other bonuses to use when playing the game.

Facts about Playing iPad Vegas Three Card Rummy

Although iPad Vegas three card rummy is a game in which luck plays a part, it is also a game in which the player can form a strategy. The player must always consider his hand and the number of points he has very carefully before deciding to bet because once the dealer’s hand is shown the round ends. Player’s who are new to the game can look at the wagering table that is shown on the iPad screen, when calculating their points.

iPad Vegas three card rummy does permit bonus betting, which means that the player can bet on how many points he will get in his hand. This bet is independent of the bet against the dealer and the dealer’s cards do not pertain to this bet as the player does not need to win against the dealer in order to win this bet.