Understanding the concept behind progressive video slots is the first thing in the attempt to hit the big earnings. Progressive video slots come with a huge jackpot, which gains in size as new players join the fun. At some point, it becomes huge, but the chance to win it is pretty low. They are based on luck, indeed, yet they also provide a series of successful combinations. You can earn money without actually hitting the jackpot as well.

All in all, the jackpot has nothing to do with the right video slot game. There are generally three major types of progressive slots. They are available in both land based and online casinos. Choosing the right one depends on your playing style. At the same time, understanding the differences is essential if you truly want to gain as much as possible from this venture. It is also worth noting that online video slots might provide better deals and higher chances to win.

In House Progressive Slots

In house progressive slots are interconnected. They are more common in land based casinos, rather than online casinos. However, you may also find online casinos where the jackpot applies to all the games. In other words, the jackpot grows based on all the games available. The winning chances are relatively small. But when it comes to the progressive jackpot, it is gigantic. Some casinos can bring in millions. Once again, casinos do not really advertise for in house progressive slots, but you can easily determine this type of jackpot by checking the terms and conditions.

Standalone Progressive Slots

Standalone progressive slots are not interconnected with other devices or even other casinos. What does it mean? Easy – the money building the jackpot up depends on whatever goes into the respective device. When it comes to online casinos, most slots are standalone. There are not too many differences in the playing style though, apart from the theme and graphics. However, given the fact that the jackpot is limited, the winning chances are higher than in other types of slots. Most online casinos are less likely to advertise for this variety or get into small details, yet reading the terms and conditions can lead you in the right direction.

Progressive Slot Networks

Progressive Slot Networks

Some casinos interconnect progressive slots in the attempt to create some of the largest jackpots on the market. Some networks gather together hundreds of even thousands of games. As a direct consequence, your earnings can reach astronomical peaks.

If you are not the type who shoots high, perhaps you should stick to regular video slots. But then, if the low odds do not chase you away, progressive video slots can definitely make the difference. You “risk” becoming a millionaire overnight.


In the end, understanding the types of progressive slots will help you determine which model is more appropriate for your winning chances. Consider your playing style at places like https://casinositescanada.net/cad, then analyze the odds. Remember that there is no such thing as a wonder method to win on video slots.