Supreme Ventures Limited is a Jamaican based company that was formed in 1995. They are in charge of all lottery operations in Jamaica, and have also recently diversified their portfolio into the areas of the gaming industry like Video Gaming Lounges and sports betting.

SVL has just rolled out a new and exciting lottery game called PayDay. This is a game that allows players the chance of winning a certain amount cumulatively over a certain number of years. Players of lotteries now can place wagers at any SVL lottery agent anywhere on the island. With the purchase of a ticket, lucky winners will have a chance to win an extra PayDay of an amount to be given monthly for twenty years, if their five numbers match the winning numbers of the lottery.

A Lottery with a Difference

The President of Supreme Ventures Limited has said that this additional income may help players cover monthly expenses, or to experience a life changing win. PayDay is a version of the lottery that offers players a chance to earn monthly winnings instead of a lump sum.  Winners will have the opportunity of having the win given as an addition to their monthly salary, while others may prefer an opportunity to secure a large one time income.

How to Play PayDay

To win PayDay players must match all five numbers between one and 35 in any order. Winners must claim prizes at the SVL Prize Payment centre in New Kingston. There is also a smaller prize offered for a match of three or four numbers. Winnings have to be claimed no later than ninety days from the date of the draw. PayDay is aired every Thursday and Sunday live on television. If there is more than one winner, the advertised jackpot will be distributed equally among the winners. Winners claiming the smaller prizes will be paid in a one time payment.

Several countries conduct PayDay lotteries. It gives all winners the security of a larger income without the problem of deciding how to invest a huge amount.

The Attraction of a Lottery

The lure of a lottery is the same in every country that operates one. It allows everyone who buys a ticket to dream of the possibility of making all their dreams come true. Lotteries are played in nearly e very country in the world, and never lose their attraction. Most lotteries have two draws weekly, and the results are given either on television at a certain time, or online through the numerous sites that promote lotteries.

There are different ways of taking tickets. The player can fill out the form with numbers of his own choice, or take a QuickPick ticket, which is a ticket with numbers drawn in random by a machine.

The mathematicians assure everyone, though, that however we may choose the number when we enter a lottery; the chances are extraordinarily slim of ever winning, even in the best and fairest lotteries. None of these statistics and disclaimers, however, will mean much to a player determined to play and take their chances in a lottery, because people do indeed win and new millionaires are created every week.