Before even playing the game, most will have figured out that Karate Pig is not your average slot game. Based around a pig that has somehow mastered martial arts, the game boasts impressive graphics an amusing art style, and rather interesting bonus game. But what most are probably thinking right now is; just how does one take a game about a kung-fu pig seriously? The answer is an obvious one; you don’t, you play it as unserious as possible.

From its silly characters to dopey but lovable main character, Karate Pig aims to make the player laugh. But this doesn’t mean the game isn’t well made. The graphics are clearly the work of a talented artist, and user interface smooth and effortless. Plus, the game sure is generous in the payouts department. Let’s have a closer look at what makes Karate Pig tick.

Game Play

The graphics are great, but what about the actual game play? Karate Pig online pokies use a 5 reel, 40 play line system. The play lines may be adjusted up or down at will, which provides an excellent tactical aspect to the proceedings. There is the expected wild symbol, represented by the written word ‘wild,’ as well as a special feature symbol, represented by the pig himself. Upon matching the scatter symbol is where the game gets really interesting.

Upon triggering a bonus the game really comes to life. An animated Karate Pig is shown deciding between two options. One is titled the ‘Pork Chop’ bonus, while the other titled ‘Hammer’ Bonus. The production quality of this bonus game segment can’t be overstated, and one would think the animators could easily make a full length movie. The player decides which choice Karate Pig makes, and plays the game that follows. Both games involve picking options, with cash prizes hidden beneath. In one case it will be lifting tarps, and the other eating delicious looking sushi. Either way, the player will walk out with pockets loaded.

Visual Design

One of the great things about Karate Pig is that there is clearly a deep, well thought out story going on. Just from looking at the various images the player can piece together that dopey Karate Pig is on a mission to be the best kung-fu artist in the land, the land in question being somewhere in the east. You will meet the characters who train the pig, the enemies he must face, and even his “charming” love interest, a lady pig. It is a delightful journey, and certainly one that the player will get emotionally involved in.

A terrifying muscled boar stands as the pig’s strongest foe, and based on how dopey Karate Pig looks, one can’t help but think he has a tough fight ahead of him. Thankfully the pig has a long bearded master to train him, who appears a bit dopey himself. No one doubts, however, that the pig will come out on top and defeat the boar. This seems like that sort of story, after all, where the underdog will ultimately triumph against seemingly impossible odds.