The Mega Icons feature Big Time Gaming incorporates in many slots titles is the major attraction of Faeries Fortune, a five-reel slot themed around Irish myths offering 40 fixed pay lines. There are four windows per reel, and all of the symbols can arrive as Mega Icons at random. These expanded icons cover 2X2, 3X3 or 4X4 grids at once. Combined with the fact that Faeries Fortune uses only six symbols and a Wild in base play, they greatly increase winning potential.

Faeries Fortune creates impressive visuals within the Irish theme. The reels are housed in a filigree gold frame, wrought with Celtic patterns. In the background, a moonlit lake glitters between the trees, with fireflies and faeries as dancing points of light over enormous fairy-tale toadstools. The symbols mix bright gold, traditional lucky charms, and the illuminated script of Celtic Christianity.

Base Play Wins up to 1,000 Coins

Gold letters ornately decorated in green, red and purple represent the lowest-value symbols; Poker’s Q, K and A. For three of a kind, these icons win 4, 5 or 6 coins, respectively. For five of a kind, the prizes are 40, 50 and 60 coins. The next three symbols repeat the colour sequence. A four-leafed clover and a lucky gold horseshoe are next in value, respectively winning 120 or 200 coins for five of a kind.

The highest-value symbol, apart from the Wild, is the golden Triquetra, a three-pointed knot in a circle. In ancient Celtic paganism, it was a rune of the three goddesses of fate; Celtic Christianity turned it into a symbol for the Trinity and hospitality toward the stranger. All three associations relate to good fortune, so the Triquetra appropriately begins paying prizes for two of a kind, with 2 coins. Five of a kind wins 500 coins.

The Faeries Fortune Wild is a red block containing a sparkling gold Wild. Apart from being able to replace any of the icons above in a winning pay line, the Wild also wins prizes for unbroken matches of two or more, beginning on Reel 1. It pays 1,000 coins for five of a kind.

All Bonus Symbols are 4X4 Scatters

There are three bonus scatter symbols to look out for in Faeries Fortune. Each triggers a different bonus game, and each always arrives as a 4X4 Mega Icon. Only one of the bonus scatter’s windows needs to be present on the reels to trigger the bonuses, however. The number of chances the player gets during a bonus round is determined by the number of visible windows the bonus scatter covers on the reels, so the maximum for all three bonus rounds is 16, when an entire scatter comes to rest in a visible position.

The Free Spins scatter is a massive gold coin, etched with more geometric Celtic bands. During free spins, only Reel 1 features single-window icons; Reels 2 to 5 are populated entirely by 4X4 Mega Icons. Free spins can also be retriggered by another Free Spins icon at any time.

Faeries Gems and Pot of Gold Bonuses

The Faeries Gems bonus icon features a beautiful faerie dressed like a leprechaun. The player is offered between 1 and 16 keys. Each key unlocks a multiplier of the total spin bet, from X40 to X4, 000. The Pot of Gold bonus icon gives the player a choice of up to 16 chests, from which they pick prizes that range from X80 to X20, 000 the total bet.