For New Zealand punters interested in betting on the NBL, a proper understanding of what is on offer is vital.

Many bettors are not aware that basketball is, in fact, one for the world’s 10 most popular sports, and boasts a following of more than 400 million people worldwide, although the strongest fan bases are still in the USA and Canada. Today, excitingly, it is not just the major leagues like the NBA that grab fans’ attention either –thanks to the spread of the sport to countries like China, Australia and New Zealand, many lesser-known leagues like the NZNBL are also gaining more exposure in the international arena.

Betting on Basketball Games at Online Bookmakers

Since the beginning of time, sports fans have enjoyed upping the exhilaration factor inherent in watching their games by betting on the teams taking part. Basketball is an already exciting game to watch, thanks to the incredible levels of skill and agility it requires from its players, but this thrill aspect is increased by the betting opportunities it provides. Although basketball betting is very similar to that which is available for other sports, it does need a different kind of strategy from punters, as well as an in-depth knowledge of both the sport itself and the markets it offers.

For basketball fans from the southern hemisphere, NRL premiership betting has become a very popular activity, and punters are able to make their bet selections from a good range of markets for each of the games which take place over the season. The convenience of begin able to lay wagers by means of desktop computers, smartphones and tablets is hard to beat, and Kiwi punters are taking advantage every day.

The NBL Total Points Wager

In the NBL, Total Points wagers are also sometimes known as Over/Unders. These require the punter to try to guess how many points will be scored by both the teams taking place in the game, and then place a bet on whether this total will be more than the number predicted by the bookmaker, Over, or less, Under.

Line Betting for Punters from New Zealand

Another very popular betting option for New Zealand punters interested in the ups and downs of NBL games is Line betting, which gives punters odds that are a little more generous than those available in Head-to-Head markets. With these bets, the team deemed most likely to win, the favourite, is allocated an amount of points which will be carried through the final score in order for them to be considered winners. Bettors will also have the option of supporting the underdog team if they wish to, which will also be allocated a specific amount of points before they can be considered winners.

Head-to-Head Odds and Wagers

Avid fans that enjoy betting infrequently and seasoned punters alike enjoy the advantages of head-to-head offers on NBL games, including those which take place in the Finals and the Grand Final Series. Each of the NBL teams taking part is given odds, after bookmakers have made their predictions as to the outcome, and punters take it from there.