The Lucky 88 Slot Game

The Lucky 88 slot game is created by Aristocrat Games. It is based on the notion that the number 88 is lucky, and compliments this theme with a smattering of popular Chinese culture. This results in a rather colourful, if somewhat dated visual design, pleasing to the eye but not as detailed as it could be. The game is a few years old, however, and can be forgiven for not matching the graphic fidelity of some more modern games.

In terms of sound design the developers have taken a minimalist approach, with only the most basic clicks and beeps utilised. In the game play department the Lucky 88 slot game uses a five reel, twenty five betting line system, with the player allowed to manually select which lines they would like to be active. This means that a great deal more freedom and strategy is possible then in other slot games, making the Lucky 88 slot game an experience that will be appreciated by veteran slot game players. The game is available to play on desktop computer via a web browser, and on mobile phone and tablet.

Symbol Designs In Detail

The already mentioned Chinese theme is brought to life with a selection of well created symbol designs, all of which have clearly had a great deal of effort put into them. The most valuable symbols are the golden lion and white crane, both of which offer an exceptional payout if matched the maximum of five times.

These are followed, in terms of value, by the golden eagle totem, which pays an equal amount when matched five times, but a slightly more modest amount if matched four or three times. The remaining picture symbol is a drum, which has a medium value. The least valuable symbols are the traditional playing card symbols, which seem to be a staple in slot game designs, and o get a bit repetitive, especially when far more creative options are available.

The playing card symbols include nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace, all of which grant only small payout amounts. In order to trigger the mini-games and achieve the biggest wins, be sure to look out for the two bonus symbols.

Bonus and Special Symbols

The emperor is the wild symbol in the Lucky 88 real online pokies game, recognisable as the man with a long black moustache. He is able to match with any other symbol as a substitute, and hence he is perhaps the most valuable symbol in the game. The wild symbol may also match with itself up to five times, which is an exceptionally large payout that is sure to put a small on any player’s face. The second bonus symbol is the paper lantern, which is the scatter symbol.

The scatter symbol may match with itself even when not in adjacent positions, hence the term scatter symbol. Upon matching, the scatter symbol grants the player a choice of two bonus games. The first is a simple award of ten free spins, during which all wins are multiplied by three.

The second bonus game allows the player to select of one of three dice, which will be rolled upon being chosen. The result of the dice will decide the bonus amount of cash the player will be granted.