Ausvegas Slots have always been appealing thanks to their sheer variety. There is a different kind of slot imaginable, and if one doesn’t suit a player, there is sure to be another one that will. They come in multiple different themes, along with unique soundtracks, bonus content, mini games, and so much more.

There are few other game franchises in the world that quite match the diversity that slots enjoy so much, and why millions of players come back to them day-after-day.

Despite all the various themes and aesthetics that make slots so different, all of them do share a range of basic mechanics. These tend to be in the number of reels on the slot, the kinds of symbols found on the reels, and how many paylines there are.

This can be expanded further into the bonus content the slot offers, whether there is some type of progression, or if a slot has some kind of storyline that unlocks over time.

Whatever the case, slots games are all based on certain fundamental mechanics, of which there are commonly about six, depending on the casino and the region the casino is based on.

3-Reel Slots

One of the most common types of slots on the market, the 3-reel is also one of the oldest, and is based on the early fruit machines that were the first of their kind in the world. Easy to learn, lots of fun, and with recognisable symbols, these are the true classics.

5-Reel Slots

The majority of the slots that a player will come across online will be made up of 5-reel slots, and these are the most popular in the world right now. They’re also the ones that are more likely to be found in any land-based casino. 5-reel slots have seen incredible success over the years, and have been created using just about every theme imaginable, including film, novel, television series, and many more.

Multi-Payline Slots

These are usually 5-reel slots, but due to their different payline system, they’re classed as a sub-genre of their own. Instead of the normal two paylines found on a classic slot, a multi-paylines pokie offers a number of different ways to hit the right combinations, including straight, diagonally, and even in a zigzags. These have become the staple of most modern online slots.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots have seen a massive surge in popularity in the last few years, and this mainly because of the potential winnings offered by any progressive. All progressive slots are linked to a single pool, and as more people play and deposit money, a portion of that is added to the pool. These pools can grow into the millions, and while the odds of a progressive slot are generally lower, the winnings can have a player set for life.

Mobile Slots

As mobile devices have become more advanced, so too have the games that they can play, and they opened a new platform for slots. These are games specifically designed for the high definition touch screens we know so well, giving players the chance to enjoy slots while on the go.