With new casinos opening up all the time online, they need a little something to stand out from the crowd, to do this many new casinos will offer a certain amount of bonuses or promotions. One of these is a no deposit bonus that is offered to new players when they sign up with the new casino. A no deposit bonus is a certain amount of free, real money that is given to player in a number of ways. This does come with certain restrictions however.

How to Find a New Online Casino No Deposit Bonus

There are new casinos opening up all the time. A quick search using your search engine and a web browser will result in a large number of them coming up in your results. Most of these new sites will offer some kind of no deposit online casino bonus. It is a good idea to go through as many of them as you can to find a bonus that suits your needs the best. New online casino no deposit bonuses come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are much stricter than others.

What Restrictions may I Find?

All casinos will place certain restrictions on their no deposit bonuses. These are to make sure that the casino stays in business and doesn’t go bust from giving out too much free money. One of the most common of these is a wager limit. Many casinos have quite strict wager limits. A wager limit is basically how many times you have to wager your free money before you can draw it out. For example some casinos will give you say five dollars. You will then have to wager that five dollars a certain amount of times. Obviously you would have to win your five dollars back to be able to wager it again. If you lose it then you lose it.

Other restrictions may include how many people are able to access the no deposit bonus in a household or building. Most casinos have a limit of one person or computer per household or business. This includes facilities such as universities and schools. Of course players will have to be over 21 to be granted access to the online casino and the no deposit bonus.

Types of No Deposit Bonuses

A new casino will offer you a no deposit bonus in one of a number of ways. The first is via a cash deposit into your account. This is usually a small amount of cash, usually between five and fifty dollars. The cash will come with certain restrictions to make sure that players don’t immediately just withdraw it. Another way of offering a no deposit bonus is via casino credits. These can only be used in the casino that gave them to you, and usually only on certain games. Some casinos will give you free spins as a no deposit bonus sites offering free bets. These can be used on certain slot machines of the casinos choice.

How do I Get a New Online Casino No Deposit Bonus?

Do get at a new online casino no deposit bonus you will have to create an account with a real money casino. To create an account you will need proof of ID, an email address and sometimes proof of residence. Once you have created you account the casino will give you your no deposit bonus.