The New York Marathon is the largest of its kind in the world, with a record breaking 50,000 contestants finishing in 2013. It is known for bringing New York to a near standstill, with the marathon passing through all the five main areas of the city. It is also not only the biggest in terms of runners, but also one of the biggest in terms of spectators and onlookers. Tens of thousands gather to watch the New York Marathon in person, and many more watch via television broadcast.

The New York Marathon is held annually, covering a distance of 42 kilometres, or 26 miles, making it a major long distance marathon event in the United States. Other events such as the Chicago Marathon and Boston Marathon, although not as attended by as many athletes, are equally as prominent in the United States marathon scene. The three Marathons make up part of what is referred to as the World Marathon Majors, which attracts prominent athletes from across the globe.

Changes And Evolution

Having been held as an annual event since 1970, the New York Marathon has remained largely unchanged. The same route is used, covering the same distance, and the event has occurred on the first Sunday of every November. The only year the New York Marathon failed to take place was due to the catastrophic results of a hurricane in 2012. Being the only year not having a New York Marathon, the absence of results for that year 2012 are still a factor that plays into bet makers decisions to this day.

The only notable changes to the New York Marathon have been due to the swapping of sponsors, and have only resulted in cosmetic alterations. The official name of the New York Marathon has repeatedly changed, officially being referred to as the TCS New York Marathon, and the IGN New York Marathon. The official logos of the marathon have varied, depending on the desires of the parent company.

Spots Betting

The New York Marathon is also a major event in terms of sports betting. Many online bookmakers give betting options, and bet makers across the globe place bets on their favourite athlete to win. Depending on the online bookmaker, bets may only be available for certain specific athletes with fixed odds. Check your favourite online bookmaker to see what options area available. Bets may also be placed on the specific times that a runner will finish. The general rule is that the closer the predication is to the actual time, the bigger payout received.

When placing bets on an event such as the New York Marathon, it is wise to look at previous years results and see the performances of specific athletes. Since one of the rules for admittance to the marathon is that veteran runners get first pick, special attention should always be paid to veteran runners with strong track records. Remember that many online discussion groups and forums make well informed predictions about who they believe the top 10 winners will be of the race. These are a great source of valuable information.