Betting on horses in Australia is an extremely popular past time, which is done by punters all over the country.  There are a number of races held, ranging from the big Group One races which have almost superstar status to the smaller local races in which locals support horses bred and trained by people that they know.

Betting on horse racing in Australia can be done at the track or online via a vast number of sites.  Many tracks promote the race days as family outings or events, keeping the betting areas separate from the family area.  Tracks rely on betting to stay alive in order to be able to award prize money to horses and their owners who enter races at the venue.

Race Horses  

Flat racing and jump racing horses are invariably thoroughbreds.  Thoroughbreds are bred all over Australia, with the aim of entering races both locally and potentially internationally.  The thoroughbred industry in Australia is one of the biggest industries in the country, providing jobs for hundreds of thousands of people.  Some thoroughbreds in Australia, such as Black Caviar, have achieved celebrity status, having their own pages on social media as well as accepting visitors each year.

Know your Horses

When placing a bet on a horse in any race in Australia, it is always a good idea to have some knowledge of the horse’s history, pedigree and course preference.  This information is readily available on the Internet and can be found by anybody with a suitable device.

Horse’s bloodlines can play a large part in their performance.  Certain lines in Australia have been proven again and again, such as the Danehill line, which has produced horses such as Takedown and Black Heart Bart.  Danehill was one of the most prolific stallions in the Southern Hemisphere, and his blood runs in many of the racehorses in Australia today.  Danehill’s line does better with geldings, although winning colts and mares are not unheard of. That being said, Danehill sons were leading stallions, siring a great number of winners for a number of years in a row.

A Day At The Races

Racing in Australia is so popular that a public holiday has been declared on one of the main race days of the year.  The Melbourne Cup, otherwise known as the race that stops a nation, is run each year and has its own public holiday to allow punters and spectators to not only go to the race but also watch it from even their homes, friend’s houses or at the local pub.  Horses entered into the Melbourne Cup are of international quality and compete against local Australian horses of the highest calibre.  Australian horses which have won the Melbourne Cup have often go on to compete in Dubai and other countries.

Other races such as the Cox plate are as famous, and attract crowds almost as large as the Melbourne Cup.  They do not have their own public holidays, but are run on weekends so that many people can attend.  These races are known for the furious betting what happens both online and at the track from both serious punters and casual betters. When placing a bet on a horse in one of these races, it is a very good idea to know the course conditions as well as how the horse has been performing.  The old adage of horses for courses has a lot of truth behind it.