Beetle Frenzy is a NetEnt game combines the feel of classic slot with an outdoor theme. Free spins and a bonus round to boost your bankroll are up for grab in the Bug Collectors bonus round and there are plenty of opportunities to win big.

Beetles and flowers cover the three reels, and the game is very easy on the eye.

Get ready to play

Beetle Frenzy is a relatively simple online slot and all the instructions and information are clearly explained when you press the paytable button on the bottom right.

Other buttons, also sporting a green neon glow are arranged on the console space the bottom of the screen. Players can choose paylines, bet levels and change coin values.

Bets, wins and coins are all clearly displayed and the simplicity of the bet lines makes it really easy to know when you have a winning combination.

Three reels, which actually act as nine reels, dominate the inner screen and paylines are indicated on the sides. A square of symbols surrounds the reels and determines the bonus round.

The betting options vary. There are nine reels and 5 win lines, which are always played. The bet level can be adjusted from 1-5.

There is also an Auto button that will set auto play, allowing you to get the reels to spin automatically for a certain number of rounds.

Beetle Frenzy is really about crazy bugs in the garden and players can collect Wild symbols and Scatters to trigger bonus rounds

Beetle Frenzy Reel Symbols

The symbols that add up in Beetle Frenzy are golden apples scatters, the Wild firefly, glass jars and blue flowers.

The bugs come in all different guises and players can brush up on their etymology by collecting stinkbugs, ladybugs and milkweed bugs, which all have different values.

More about Beetle frenzy paylines and Bonus Rounds

The jackpot wins are for nine of a kind of any symbols and all have multipliers. Players can multiply up to 500x .

The golden apples are scatters and if they appear in the four corners or the middle of 4 sides of the nine reels, players can activate the Lucky Spin and get a free spin on the middle reel for each active line. You can win not only profits with nine of the same scatters, but also possible multiple games and multipliers.

To start a Flower Frenzy bonus game, players must get 3 of the same colour flowers in a row. Players can use one spin to get multiple combinations and then choose from a myriad of bonus games. What happens is that when you spin, a selection square will move around a screen with two reels and a rotating surrounding square. The Spin button stops the square moving. If the selection box stops on a symbol matching one from the reels, players will win.

Three glass jars in a row will activate the Bug Collector bonus game. In the bonus game, players can choose from nine jars arranged in a square. Behind some jars is a mystery prize and these add up for each jar selected, unless you get a cross that ends the bonus round.

The Wild symbol is the firefly featured in the centre of the purple tile of the game. This symbol lights up when it is activated and can be swapped for any other symbol except the Scatter.

Beetle Frenzy Summed Up

The bugs with their animated eyes set the tone for a worthwhile slot game. Available at Beetle Frenzy has the simple mechanics and look and feel of a classic slot with extra bonus features and exciting multipliers.