The game has been around for many years, and since its launch has rapidly grown in popularity amongst casino players. Many players have considered bingo to be a game of the past, however with the casino world continuing to shift towards a virtual experience, various bingos all over the world have emerged to wake the games rise in  popularity again.

With bingos found all over the globe, players are able to explore a world of bingos at their fingertips, and with a great deal of choice as well. Online bingos are exactly the same as the bingos found in bingo halls, however they are optimised for players to access them on the internet.

75-Ball Bingo

There are actually a number of ways that bingo can be played, it simply depends on the player’s preference. The American bingos have 75 balls in play and each player is required to purchase a card of 5×5 squares, with the centre square usually marked as a free.

The letters of the word bingo will be displayed at the top of the card in order for each letter to line up with each column. The objective remains the same in each game, with players required to achieve a desired pattern (vertically, horizontally or diagonally) by marking of the numbers on their card if they are drawn.

90-Ball Bingo

With UK or Australian bingos, there are 90 balls in play and players must purchase 6 9×3 cards in order to play. On this particular card, there are always 5 numbers in any given row and the other 4 will be left free.

These bingos are generally played in 3 stages, with the first requiring 1 line to marked off on a player’s card in order to receive a prize, the second requiring 2 line to be marked off and the last requiring players to mark off all numbers on a card to win at casino.

Online Bingo

In spite of the fact that bingo halls became, and still stand today as an extremely popular choice for a wide range of players, they are almost no match for the world of online bingos.

The online gameplay, though virtual, is almost identical to the bingos found in halls, however instead of actual balls being drawn, the online bingos are developed with random number generators. The list of games available for players to explore is an extensive one, with the prevalent shift towards online giving rise to a new generation of players.

Some bingos will allow players to play for free, while others offer lower-stake rooms to players who wish to risk little and play for as little as 3 coins a card. Other bingos will ensure players have to buy the same amount of cards as well, in order to make sure gameplay is fair and high-rollers don’t buy multiple cards.

Features in Online Bingo

Online bingos also come with more features for convenience during gameplay, such as the auto-daub feature that automatically marks off a player’s numbers if they are drawn. There is also a considerably different feature found in online bingos and that is the online chat feature.

The online chat feature encourages player to communicate during gameplay through a small chat box placed somewhere on the screen. Unlike in the old bingos, players are actually motivated to chat and build something of a bingo community. make sure you try one of these out the next time you’re exploring the online bingo NZ has on offer.